C. P. CAVAFY IN TOKYO   animated project
The Project

On the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the birth of C. P. Cavafy (1863-1933) the ART/EUROPEAN ANIMATION CENTER and the MUSASHINO ART UNIVERSITY, Tokyo, are organising an animated student project inspired by the Cavafy’s poetry.
The project is titled C.P. CAVAFY IN TOKYO and includes the results of the workshop that had been in Musashino Art University on previous school year.
The project is under the Auspices of the Embassy of Japan in Greece.
Twenty-one students and his professor Mr SATO Dino are worked on C. P. Cavafy’s poetry, making 21 short animated movies.
The exhibition includes the sketches, the poems and the short animated movies.
This exhibition will be held in BOO! Cafe bar (21, Sarri str., Athens) from 7th until 17th of December 2013 and will be also exposed on next March (13-19, 2014) during the 9th International Animation Festival of Athens (9th Athens ANIMFEST 2014), that be held in Greek Film Archive (48, Iera Odos str., Athens)

VENUE: BOO! Café-bar, 21, Sarri str., Athens, Greece
DATES: December 7-17, 2013
INAUGURATION: Saturday, December 7, 2013, at 20:00 hs
OPEN HOURS: All days open (07:00-24:00)
INFORMATION: 0030 210 32 55 542

Student Workshop of the Musashino Art University, Tokyo, Japan Head of the workshop: SATO Dino September 2013.

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The List of the animated movies based on C. P. Cavafy’s poetry

  1. LONG AGO, 1914, Directed by ANDOU Syouko
  2. A PRINCE FROM WESTERN LIBYA, 1928, Directed by ITO Jinichi
  3. ITHAKA, 1911, Directed by IWATSUBO Rio
  4. IN THE STREET, 1916, Directed by KATO Kai
  5. IN AN OLD BOOK, 1922, Directed by KATO Mayu
  6. MONOTONY, 1908, Directed by KAWASAKI Takamura
  7. SALOME, 1896, Directed by MATSUMURA Sae
  8. IN ALEXANDRIA, 31 b.C., 1924, Directed by MATSUOKA Naoki
  9. MORNING SEA, 1915, Directed by NAKAZATO Yuki
  10. GRAY, 1917, Directed by NARITA Haruka
  11. CANDLES, 1899, Directed by ONISHI Chihiro
  12. WALLS, 1896, Directed by SHIBATA Oju
  13. CANDLES, 1899, Directed by SHIBATA Yuuna
  14. CHALDEAN IMAGE, 1896, Directed by SHIRATORI Sawa
  15. SIPPING TEA (Based on the poem An Old Man, 1897) Directed by SUZUKI Kenta
  16. HALATION, Directed by SUZUKI Miyuu
  17. IONIC, 1911, Directed by TOMIYA Miki
  18. THE FOOTSTEPS, 1909, Directed by TSURUTA Tastunori
  19. NERO’S DEADLINE, 1918, Directed by WAKAI Nanami
  20. ΤΗΕ ENEMIES, 1900, Directed by WATABE Yuki
  21. LONG AGO, 1914, Directed by YAMAGUCHI Syuzo
  22. AND I LOUNGED AND LAY ON THEIR BEDS, 1915, Directed by SATO Dino

We are happy that the young generation of Japan responded with interest and warmths to our call about Cavafy project.

C. P. Cavafy never went in Tokyo, but his fame and poetry did!

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